There is no debate what so ever if we say that humankind uses science to do eye blowing inventions but the problem arises considering the fact that many of them had nothing to do with the special peoples. Still there are so many areas  where special people facing constraints waiting for science to do remedial invention

A team from the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab under the supervision of Suranga Nanayakkara has developed a chunky finger-worn device called Eye Ring that translates images of objects captured through a camera lens into aural feedback to aid the blind

It features a 3D-printed ABS nylon outer housing containing a small VGA camera unit, a 16 MHz AVR processor, a Bluetooth radio module and a 3.7V Li-ion battery. There’s also a mini-USB port for charging the battery and reprogramming the unit, a power on/off switch and a thumb-activated button for confirming commands

To use it, the wearer simply points at an object and says what they want to know into a microphone, which is attached to their earphones. For example, if they want to know the color of something they point at it, say “color” into the microphone, and then press the button on the side of the ring. The camera on the ring then takes a picture and sends that image to a smartphone via Bluetooth

Not only can the camera identify currency, color, text, and pricing, it can also be used as a replacement for canes. When two images are taken the ring can work out the distance between the two objects and creates a 3D map of the surrounding area

The Eye Ring project is still very much a work in progress, with Maes confirming that any moves toward commercialization are likely at least two years away.Fluid Interfaces is working on an iOS version of Eye Ring and in the future they are hoping to make the system identify a much wider range of objects and features by the inclusion of more sensors…

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