pc energy saver

In so many field,research is going on to lower down the energy usage and so much success is achieved  too but the willingness to come up with some thing more substanial really motivates this humanbeing to give best of the best.This is the reason why instead of the energy-saving mechanisms, such as sleep mode the BRAZILIAN company beneficios’s Greencam come up with a better solution.By using the company’s PC application you can save energy and increased the life of your system.


This idea works by using your PC”s webcam ,the practical application converts the webcam into presence sensor. When it detects that you have moved away from the machine, it automatically turns off the screen.So now you dont have to worry about turning off your pc while going away for liitle short time intervals.To get a more inside understanding check out this video


GreenCam can be downloaded for free at the Ecobeneficios site.


Microsoft’s joule meter, Watt’s up can estimate the power consumption of your PC so after downloading beneficios’s Greencam you will certainly feel the difference.

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