A real development has come to the horizon when a team of scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi on the request of U.S. Department of Defense has successfully worked out a formula of the face makeup which will increase the resistivity of skin to wear down against the heat of bomb blasts and other explosions. Civilian fire fighters can also extract the same benefits as they have to cope with high temperature leaving their lives in severe danger.

Normally the face make up we see is the mixture of oil and wax which couldn’t stand against intense heat and tear out. After so much dedicated efforts they come up with the idea to use silicon for making this magical makeup. Now comes the second hurdle to use DEET, the flammable insect repellant which is the U.S army requirment.To make DEET a part of formula wasn’t easy as you know it catches fire so then they came up with the solution of encapsulating the DEET in a water-rich hydrogel that acted as a fire guard.

The thermal blast lasts only two seconds, but it can literally cook the face, hands and other exposed skin that’s why regardless of the fact that the thermal blast lasts only two seconds, the team assure that the proposed face makeup allows the wearer to withstand temperatures of several hundred degrees centigrade for up to 15 seconds .Those vital extra seconds could be enough to save precious lives.

The research was presented in Philadelphia, at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

Lets look at this video


It is good to see that they take out the makeup from beauty parlor into the field of war where life is in hell danger and to the complicated fields of fire fighting where unfortunately people loses their lives just to save others.

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