Due to the serious concerning issues emerging because of the development of ozone layer so much work has been started and success has achieved in the last decade and all this work come under the domain of green technology. Realizing the vital importance of green technology even a small effort  get appreciation from all sides. Dutch company Urban Arrow has given his contribution by manufacturing a modified version of electric bike.

Urban Arrow cargo bike The Urban Arrow electric cargo bicycle uses a modular aluminum frame that allows it to take a variety of front ends with frame available in black, silver or white color. In the above images you are seeing a two wheel carrier but thanks to the designer Wytze van Mansum who designed it so smartly then the user can use it with cargo box and without cargo box.

URBAN ARROW cargo bike

Pedaling assistance is provided by a 250-watt motor attached to the crank set directly powers the rear wheel.That motor is powered by a 36-volt, 10Ah lithium-ion battery, which gives the bike a tested range of about 50 km (31 miles) with no cargo, or about 40 km (25 miles) with two kids and groceries frankly speaking it all depends on how much amount of power motor consumes.

URBAN ARROW cargo bike URBAN ARROW cargo bike URBAN ARROW cargo bike

The fact that it is equipped with SHIMANO roller brake with cooling disc , Daum electronic control panel, a NuVinci N360 continuously-variable hub transmission, SKS mudguards, a fixed bolted seat post (to prevent saddle theft) that still can be easily adjusted in height and a comfortable (and more puncture proof) balloon tires has made it a heavy candidate to choose for your secondcar as it is affordable and time saving alternative for these city cars.

URBAN ARROW cargo bike URBAN ARROW cargo bike

Additionally It has a cargo box made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) high-density foam – firm enough to maintain structural integrity. This incorporates features such as cup holders, a cargo net for securing groceries, and a removable rain cover with a clear plastic windscreen and that cover can be stored within the frame tubes that cradle the box, when not in use.

The Urban Arrow sells for €2,950 (US$3,691), although a €1,950 ($2,440) non-electric version is available for people without as much cash to spare, or who like to sweat. It can be seen in action in the video below.

Lets look at the video to get more details


I am a strong supporter of all the products promoting green technology and one more thing which is really encouraging is how he modifies the basic bicycle in to a some sort of family vehicle and more importantly he considers the safety elements during the designing.

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