“ SAMSUNG Should Make Their Own (OS) Operating System ”, VERIZON’s CEO thinks…..

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam expressed his views and said that Samsung should come with their own OS, being a large brand Samsung has got great potential to do it.

He said:

There’s a potential elephant in the room with Samsung. Samsung is a massive conglomerate with the resources to pull off a strong third mobile platform. The company is already the largest handset and smartphone manufacturer in the world, and has a brand and clout that rivals Apple. Samsung could do well putting its resources behind an operating system and would be a clear dark horse.

being world’s second successful handset making brand, there is no doubt that Samsung can make their own OS, up till now they must thank to GOOGLE based android platform to make them successful up to this mark.

Making a new OS might not work for Samsung, as there are two big guns in market iOS and android, and make such a big crowd in short time as android did is no possible right now… It’s because of Android’s echo system that Samsung got this positions, and Samsung must stick to them in future, leaving android can really damage Samsung’s market.

Let’s not forget how good Samsung has it with Android and their Galaxy S line, Galaxy S3 just surpassed 20 million units sold and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

I think if Samsung has this idea to make their own OS they should start with small and low end mobiles, to make it popular and to gain confidence of the people. But they should never leave Google’s  Android… with which they are rocking the mobile world…

what is your opinion…………


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