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Portronics introduces amazing electropen

portable pen

Portronics has introduced a portable device with the name ELECTROPEN .The devices works in the way that you simply use it to take lecture with your own handwriting in the normal usual way but this pen will stores the written data in its memory and convert them into editable text and transfers to the computer. You can write on any sort of paper and the refill use for it will also be ordinary. It is priced at 7,999 and initially it is only available in India. Read the rest of this entry

Check the difference between apple and amazon

Apple has made his name in the world of technology,its fan following is quite extra ordinary .The unique thing about Apple is that its even ordinary products will not be ordinary from the price point of view as products of Apple has become the sign of class.The amazing part of Apple’s strategy is that they didn’t compromise their high prices even though Apple know its competitors want to capture Apple’s market by introducing cheap products.Apple’s brave marketing strategy of not to lower down their price is a good one which the following statistic is also showing Read the rest of this entry



Few days ago FBI has faced so much criticize from the public as an unknown hacking organization named ANTISEC has claimed that 1 million UDID’S is under their control which they got from a FBI agent by entering into his laptop using the black hole and stole all the UDID’S .But now this story has taken a 360 degree twist as Blue Toad, an apple’s publishing company in Florida has joined the show declaring that it was actually their lapse or negligence which became the reason why 1 million UDID’S hacked. Read the rest of this entry

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