iPhone 5 is a stretched out iPhone 4s with nothing new in it

iPhone 5 disappoints

At last the launching ceremony for which millions of people were waiting so anxiously has accomplished. There was so much hype created for iPhone 5 as we saw so many leaks of photos ,videos,specs, responsible’s interviews, analyst’s predictions but against the expectations Apple brought out what which was far away from the hopes of its fans all around the globe.

In the launching ceremony ,Apple claimed its mobile phone to be the thinnest with 7.6 millimeters thickness but actually motorolla’s droid razr with 7.1mm thickness is the one who holds this record. However I agree to Apple when they mentioned their iPhone 5 to be the strongest and well build smart phone but this characteristic is not something on the basis of which you can differentiate iPhone 5 as we all know that iPhone 4s was also very sound when it comes to build and material selection so my question still unanswered that whats new in iPhone 5.New iPhone has 4 inch display but when you have so many smart phones around you with 5 inch display then this looks quite ordinary.Using the Android OS,home screen is configured in many ways as compare to Apple who is rigid, forbids its customers from doing for themselves.
For me it’s overpriced, I don’t think iPhone 5 has a quad-core processor but I don’t care as long as it does the features on the phone. The S3 on the other hand has nice features like the screen stays on as long as you’re looking at it, lift the phone to your ear and it dials a number automatically, and a lot cheaper than the iPhone 5.Apple got the memo. According to their announcement, the iPhone 5′s screen is 1136 x 640, a true 16:9 experience. I’ll let it slide that it’s actually a 640 x 1136 screen with a 9:16 aspect ratio, but that just seems like a weird number. Why? It’s not HD!.The front-facing camera captures video in 720P HD — that’s higher resolution than the screen can display!(source)
The iPhone 5 can now shoot panoramic photos with its built-in photo app. That’s great! Android has had that since Ice Cream Sandwich.The new lightning connector looks promising! Finally our Apple-loving friends will have a connector that’s as small as that on most Android’s.It has a bigger screen because it has to. It’s got HSPA+ and LTE because it has to. Apple is playing catch-up. They’re not innovating. They’re not pushing the platform forward.
For all those who really praise the camera effects if i Phone I will just say that I comfortably use my 6-year-old Samsung for texting and talking, my laptop for internet and work and SLR camera for taking photos. Somehow I survived the $500 Apple revolution which happens every 6 months
Tudor Aw, KPMG’s European head of technology has given his expert views saying

“Most of the evolutionary new features such as faster speeds, better camera, bigger screen and new docking cable were widely anticipated and will be welcomed by customers. But it is the lack of a NFC chip to enable mobile payments that is perhaps the biggest surprise and disappointment.”

It will officially go on sale Sep 21 on the price rate of $199,$299 and $399 for 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB consecutively.Lets see whether the target of selling more than 60 million iPhone 5 handsets in three months will be achieved by Apple or not.

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