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Reaction Of Muslims Around The World against the highly controversial movie

muslims reaction

As stated in a highly reputed blog that You tube has taken some steps against the anti islam movie  after seeing so many Islamic countries has imposed band on its use.The words from the blog TGDAILY are

It’s now preventing access in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, as well as Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. It says it’s complying with local laws. It has, though, rejected a request from the White House to pull the film worldwide.

Today Pakistan also registered protest , people came out of their homes in huge numbers against the highly senile, ill minded, squalid movie.The consensus on this issue by all mindsets exist in the country was incredible.

Muslims around the world demand penalties to the responsible who made or took part in this movie for the wrong doings as they don’t have any right what so ever to make such a rubbish  movie which targets a highly respectable personality of Muslims with whom their faith is attached.

BMW i3 concept car is in the final stage of its manufacturing

bmw car

Famous manufacturer BMW from the world of automobile is aiming high for the upcoming car BWM’s electric i3.The concept of this car introduced in Frankfurt a little over a year ago and hopefully it will be manufactured to launch in 2013.This car will show its first look in Paris Motor Show . Read the rest of this entry

Boot Manager For Xperia S: Run Multiple Roms On Xperia S:

boot manager for xperia s

Good News for Xperia S users… One of the senior members of XDA developer released a Boot Manager for Xperia S , yes now you can run multiple Roms on your device. Not only multiple Roms but also can customize the OS . Read the rest of this entry

Xiaomi Mi-One S Second Batch At Huge Selling Of 300,000 Units in 4 Minutes And 12 Seconds:

Chinese Phones

After selling their first batch of 200,000 units of  Xiaomi Mi-One S with 1300000 reservations, though Xiaomi 2 was released just a month ago, the first phone to have a Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset with a quad-core Krait processor and Adreno 320 GPU, which had a great response due to its S4 processor and other specification, but at the same time Xiaomi One S might have low processor ( 1.7 GHz snapdragon S3 ) than Xiaomi phone 2, but didn’t remain behind in selling, and got sold its 300,000 units in 4 minutes and 12 seconds. We think Xiaomi is first completing it pre-orders only. Read the rest of this entry

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