Six upcoming companies from Asia

There is a remarkable development seen in the prior year that technological firms have progressed quite rapidly. The record indicating the same if you look at Japan and Korea, they are among the top consumers of mobile content also china holds the largest mobile market where Android operating system has become a point of attention and attraction.

The above developed scenario has made Asia an addressable market. With the number of users more than 241 million it has made even western firms to take account of as this huge number of users can create a great impact on the growth of any firm.

As Asia has advanced in the previous years if you look at the performance of Samsung and telecom groups (like SingTel, Bharti and DoCoMo) who have made their name globally overcoming the barrier to certain limit but they have so much more to prove in the coming time. And it is more likely that we will see more and more firms rising from Asia and marking their name on the global level.

Here are the six service firm from Asia that has the ability to become dominant in the world.


we chat

Location: China

Financials: Owned by Tencent, which is listed in the US, Q2 2012 revenue of $1.7 billion

What is it: A mobile voice and text messaging chat service for Android and iOS smartphones, and the Web.

User numebers: 200 million

  • LINE


Location: Japan/Korea

Financials: NHN is listed in Korea, Q2 2012 revenue of $513 million

What is it: Like WeChat, a mobile messaging and calling service that also contains elements of social networks, such as ‘walls’ and status updates.

User Numbers: 60 million (growing at a rate of 5 million sign-ups per 3 weeks)

  • GREE


Location: Japan

Financial: GREE is listed in Japan, Q2 2012 revenues of $575 million.

What is it: GREE runs a mobile social gaming service that allows users to play games on their own, with and/or against friends and other users.

User numbers: 50 million in Japan

  • DeNA


Location: Japan

Financial: DeNA is listed in Japan, Q2 2012 revenues of $529 million

What is it: A mobile social gaming service — Mobage — that allows users to play games on their own, with and/or against friends and other users.

User numbers: 45 million in Japan (160 million game app downloads worldwide)




Location: Singapore

Financial: Bubble Motion not listed, has received $50 million in funding from a range of investors including Accel, Sequoia Capital, Jafco and Singtel Innov8.

What is it: Dubbed ‘Twitter for voice’, Bubbly is a mobile-based social network that lets users communicate using voice recordings — ‘bubbles’ — and text-based messages.

User numbers: 19 million



Location: Philippines/US

Financial: Not listed, investors include 500 Startups but details unknown.

What is it: A Soundcloud-meets-Twitter music service that allows artists to publish songs on to the streaming site and promote the content via the 140-character microblogging service.

User numbers: Unknown (200,000 hits during July 2012)

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