top seven smart phones

Iphone 5


After a long wait at last iPhone 5 become available for the interested ones.You can easily call it a busy smart phone by looking at its demand. The response to this new product by Cupertino is astonishing as  20 million units of new iPhone 5 has been sold in its first weekend. Like every time their marketing strategy was up to the mark although iPhone 5 wasn’t something you can defend easily .But never the less extra ordinary sound design, fabulous camera and balanced specs has given it a high place in smart phone market. Let’s see how long it will carry out its appreciable market performance.

Galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S3

The greatest rival of iPhone 5 till this point of time is one and only Galaxy s3. The problem with Galaxy S3 is that it has andropid 4.0 ice cream sandwich operating system which has some great features included in it but analyst think  it will be more preferable if it was packed with android 4.1 jelly bean.Never the less Galaxy s3 is still a completely balanced smart phone and the number of fans crazy for it is still on the rise.

Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

Even though Lumia 920 is not arrived in the market yet but definitely a huge number of people around the globe waiting desperately to see this smart phone powered  with windows 8.Nokia was absolutely perfect with its marketing strategy and the pure view technology is cashed very well to attract people and get their atttentions. Experts estimating that there is large possibility that it will do mind blowing business all around the world and effect big competitors market.It is most likely to be available for sale in December 2012.

Droid RAZR Maxx HD

Droid RAZR

This one from the house of Motorola is one of the best candidate to do record breaking business. Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx the previous one was on spot with its marketing and did a good business so with this new one named Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD expectation is attached. 4G LTE technology,good camera quality and the processor  clocked at 1.5 GHz speed definitely are the one of those features in it which can guide it to the peak of success.



One another great smart phone from Samsung is Samsung ATIV S. Powered with windows 8 OS, clocked with 1.5 GHz processor, running an excellent camera is one of the things good about this smart phone. Aahaa so many good smart phones from Samsung giving people luxury to select what they like is definitely a point of worry for Apple.

10 ‘L-Series’ and ‘N-Series

10 ‘L-Series’ and ‘N-Series

BlackBerry 10 L-series and N-Series definitely are the mobiles you must check out.. Although Black berry isn’t have the same fan following like Apple, Samsung but Black berry can’t be rule out of the game. It is true that  comparatively less number of people prefer it on the other smartphone giants but still we can easily see a large circle of people  have a consensus on the point that Blackberry is a sign of executive class.

Atrix HD

Atrix HD

Motorola Atrix HD has made a good debut and pumping its sales record with good numbers. The 4G technology integrated this smartphone could be its selling point luring most of its users and thus is availing its place in this top 6 alternatives of iPhone 5.

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  1. Sorry, I can’t recommend the Atrix. I have an Atrix 4G and Motorola just cancelled the ICS update that they’ve been stringing us along for nearly a year with.

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