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Motorola drops patent cases against Apple

motorola and apple case

This past august Motorola under the acquisition of Google has filed patent case against Apple claiming its right on location reminders, e-mail notification and phone/video players.But now news leaked by Bloomberg through twitter that Motorola is stepping back from this case by ropping its claim but interestingly they still reserved the right to refile claims against Apple.

Motorola before this move was looking in a very aggressive mood and the intensity can be some what feel by this statement

ITC should implement an import ban in the United States against all of Apple’s major products, including the iPhoneiPad and various Mac computers

It is an odd move by Motorola ,couldn’t understand why Motorola didn’t use this case to blow down Apple as it already busy setting its  disputes with Samsung and Lg .Must have been a settlement on higher level or a tactics to remain in a hot news all time.

Google announced a newer version of beta build:now listen thousand of music

google updates

Google has always worked in the direction to make things most simpler for the users to get maximum advantage out.This time they have introduced a newer version of  Beta build of its Ch rome Web browser which is packed with  improved audio and visual capabilities.Video overlay features such as captions and subtitles are included this time as  track’ support for HTML 5 video playback is upgraded.

New Chrome beta has added MediaSource API that you can stream your favourite videos and watch them in variable quality depends on your connection.They also build a peer connection to bump up the  ability of Chrome apps to handle certain forms of audio in a real-time setting.

Billions of users over the globe of google will like that to what extent its a question mark but one thing is sure you will certainly experience easy handling of audio/visual content under the HTML 5.

Symbian Belle FP2 Update For Nokia 808 PureView Started To Roll Out: Now Best Camera Phone Is Even More Better


nokia 808 pureview update

A good news for Nokia 808 PureView users, Symbian Belle FP2 Update for Nokia 808 PureView  is available from today 2nd October. Update your device with the help of Nokia PC suit. The  timing of release of this update might be different for different for regions.


It is said that this update will make its camera and imagining features more brilliant than ever. Some of them are as following:

  • Gallery Grid view in landscape and you an also select and delete multiple photos in it.
  • swipe through other images, zoom, share, edit, and send images faster from the Gallery widget on home screen
  • More information about your images, such as image resolution, ISO value, white balance setting, and file size,  and the location. When you are connected online, one click will show you on Nokia Maps where the photo was taken.

new imagining features

Some of the features other than imaginingare:

  • Updated browser to version 8.3 with enhanced HTML5 support
  • New and significantly faster keyboard
  • Easy access to your phone’s key features when you’re driving, with Nokia car mode
  • Now you can change all your settings to default by a single touch on new reset button in Creative mode.

nokia 808

So, what are you waiting for connect your devices to Nokia PC Suit and check for available update in your region, update your device and enjoy New Symbian Belle FP2…

Do not forget to share your views about experiencing this update with us…


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