Unlocking htc one x boot loader

It is necessary if you want to update your smart phone using custom rom that you must unlock the boot loader.In this article i will discuss how to unlock the htc 1 x bootloader.

htc one x unlocking boot loader


  • Provide a backup to apps, important personal data and settings to avoid data loss while installing the Maximus ROM based Jelly Bean update.
  • Don’t make use of HTC Sync for creating the backup as it doesn’t support the custom ROM firmwares.
  • Samsung Galaxy SII GT i9100 must be updated using a windows based computer and you need a USB data cable as well.
  • Most likely you will lose all the important data present on your device during the update so use clockworkmod to provide backup to your data which includes Call logs, contacts, Bookmarks, images, music, videos, SMS, MMS settings and APN (Access Point Names) settings etc.
  • Atleast 70 percent of your mobile should be charged so that no interruption occur during the update.
  • Make sure you have already uninstalled antivirus from your computer and mobile otherwise it wouldn’t allow you to complete the update process.
  • Download HTC sync from HTC’s official support page.
  • Download Fastboot package from link


  • Unlocking the boot loader may void your warranty.
  • If anything happens to your phone during this tutorial, our blog shall not be held responsible for the damage done.


  • Install HTC Sync in to your computer using the above mentioned link as a result required drivers will also installed automatically with it.
  • Extract Fastboot.zip from the above mentioned link into your computer.
  • Enter into HTC Development page make an account and then log in to visit HTC’s Unlock Bootloader page.
  • From the list of supported devices, select All Other Supported Models.
  • Click Begin Unlock Bootloader.A warning message will appear ignore it by selecting yes.Instructions will be appeared on the screen after that about how to unlock your bootloader follow the guide lines
  • Turn off HTC One X..
  • Reboot into Bootloader Mode.For this press and hold the Volume Down key and Power button along with.Once you enter into Bootloader Mode, you are bound to use the Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to select an option.
  • Select Fastboot from the Bootloader menu.
  • Connect your HTC One X to the computer through USB cable.
  • Open a command prompt window on the computer. Navigate to where the Fastboot program is located.But if you are a Windows 7 user then you can directly open a command prompt from a specific folder. Go to the selected folder. Press Shift and right mouse button in any vacant space in the folder. A menu will appear. Select Open Command Window here and a command prompt will appear with the location of the selected folder.
  • Just to confirm that the phone hasn’t disconnected from your computer, type the command fastboot devices.
  • Type the command fastboot oem get_identifier_token. The Command prompt will display your phone’s Token ID.
  • Copy your Token ID. When copying it start from the line <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> and end at the line <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>> and just for the better understanding about how to copy.(copy the Token ID from the command prompt, right-click on the command prompt window. A menu will appear. Select Mark and highlight your Token ID. After highlighting your Token ID, click the right mouse button to copy i)t.
  • Go back to HTC development page and submit the above Token ID. You will receive a mail included in it the fileUnlock.code.bin . You can also use the instructions given in the email.
  • Download the file and paste it to the Fastboot package folder.
  • Again open the command prompt window and type the command fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin and press the Enter key.
  • Now you will receive an Unlock Bootloader request. Use the Volume Keys and Power button as mentioned in the starting of article.
  • Your phone will automatically reboot and will perform a factory reset.
  • Just for confirming that the process has gone right reboot your phone into Bootloader Mode. The word UNLOCKED will be displayed on top of the Bootloader menu.
  • Congratulations your HTC One X’s bootloader has now unlocked.


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