Microsoft surface rt vs iPad 4:comparison

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Microsoft RT tablet which gets so much attention even before its launching and it is more likely to happen that even after the release this durable tablet will rise to the expectation and can grow its market.Ipad4 on the other side is one the tough competitors for Microsoft RT tablet as Apple has done a good home work to promote its fourth generation tablet.One of the attractive thing is that there is no such price difference between ipad3 and ipad  even though ipad 4 has lot more things to offer.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:weight

Microsoft surface rt is the heavier of the two although there is no such big difference as surface rt is 1.5 lbs whereas ipad 4 is 1.44 lbs.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:dimension

Microsoft surface rt with landscape model and ipad 4 with portrait model has the same thickness but the length and width will differ.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:display

iPad 4 is definitely far better than surface rt tablet in this department as It has more denser display approximately three times the pixels of Surface’s display.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:operating system

iPad4 is running on IOS 6 which has a wide range of tablet apps under its belt while Surface RT has windows 8 operating system under its hood. But windows apps are only restricted to windows store which gives an advantage to apple.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:ram

It is more likely that Microsoft surface rt will score more points in this field as news suggesting that Microsoft tablet will have 2Gb while apples’s tablet will have 1Gb of ram.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:storage

Surely this is something special from Microsoft as surface rt tablet offers you double storage as comparison to ipad4 on the same price of US$500.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:battery

iPad 4 has the battery with more fuel in it .To be more specific 42.5 w-h is what ipad 4 offering to the users on the other hand 31.5 w-h is what surface rt has to offer. Any ways as I told you earlier that ipad 4 has more denser display so it will all compensate in the end.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:wireless

Till now news confirming that surface rt is a wifi only device but if you go for iPad 4 then you can also get 3G/LTE along with wifi and most importantly the expanded Wi-Fi capabilities to cover dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) 802.11n networks.

Ipad 4 vs Surface RT:camera

Till now it is appearing that Microsoft tablet will have 720p HD Life Cams available on the front and rear camera but with how many megapixel ,it is not confirm. On the opposite side iPad 4 has 5 mega pixels (1080p) rear and 1.2 mega pixels(720p) front facing camera so I can say that iPad 4 looks a bit stronger in this department as well.

Special feature

If you look at Microsoft surface rt tablet then you will find the most innovative technology of 2012 THE TOUCH COVER with keys and track pad on it. But for this you have to spend extra amount of US$100 (bundled) or $120 (separately).

And iPad 4 on the other side has 8-pin Lightning dock which is 80 percent smaller and more durable than the 30 pin equipped with ipad 3.This lightening connector is not only tiny but it is also reversible and Apple will charge $30 for it.


I think both tablets have their own advantages or you can rather say that both have their own pros and cons .My advice will be that first you make your own priority list then it will be easy to choose in between the two tablets.

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