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Google Nexus 10 Pictures and Specs: A Confirm Leak:

google nexus

Though it’s not 29th of October but Google Nexus 10 is uncovered with its pictures and specifications. Google Nexus 10 is expected to be released officially on 29th of this month, but Briefmobile got it out before the day. Read the rest of this entry

boxee tv provide unlimited cloud recording:a competitor for apple tv

boxee tv unlimited movie

As boxee claims that the box they provide is a box which actually your tv needs.They are very true in their claim as you take a deep at its capabilities then you will find it a small component with big abilities.Let’s start exploring boxee tv. Boxee is a  device that finds out your favourite movies,channels,shows from the internet and puts them on your tv screen free of charge. Read the rest of this entry

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