Android 4.2 security features: Your Google devices are much more safe now

Android the latest operating system ha got so much attention from all over the world and the questions raise inquiring about the security of Android 4.2 jelly bean.The answer is yes Android 4.2 is launching having inside it the more advanced security system embedded.I must say Google has very well anticipated the requirement of more powerful security system as the attack from numerous villainous apps like viruses, Trojans were on the increase.

Android 4.2 has such an extra ordinary ability to counter any rogue software and stop it from installing any malicious code into the device.It is most probably that this feature will work out very well as we have seen this features work out very for the Google play store earlier this year.This security feature keep an eagle eye on all the applications you install from all the sources except Google play store.

android bean secured

Android VP of Engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer is very positive about its product

Assuming the user wants this additional insurance policy, we felt like we shouldn’t exclude one source over another

The very good thing about this security application is that it all depends on you whether you want to use it or not.If you want to access any application  then an option will prompt up on the screen asking you are agree or not if you choose agree then wanted application will filter through this security feature.And if you don’t like this feature you can easily get rid of it by going into the security section of the operating system menu.

After the security feature application is installed then for every application you intended to load will get through a process.The process is simple it will send information about the intended application to Google’s sever which then analyze it and respond with giving information about. Lockheimer has praised the security feature saying

We have a catalog of 700,000 applications in the Play Store, and beyond that, we’re always scanning stuff on the Web in terms of APKs that are appearing. We have a pretty good understanding of the app ecosystem now, whether something’s in the Play Store or not.

android 4.2 jelly bean secured

Amazingly Android 4.2 has really effective behind the scene feature which alerts you when a sms from unknown app trying to send a message then it will give you an option ask from you if you are interested init. If you are not interested in receiving the sms then you can choose the deny option.

My say is that i am in the favor of this security system introduced by Google as it allow you to choose your machine more freely.You don’t have to worry about the sites spreading vulnerable virus.So hats off to Google.

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