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Google Nexus devices with out LTE technology:Smart Google strategy

google strategy

Nexus products from Google have become very popular as we all know about it but what we don’t know is the strategy of Google behind some of the measures Google take to get maximum benefit out of its latest tablet and smart phones of Nexus brand.Whether you talk about nexus smart phone or the tablet with nexus brand labelled on it you will find one weird thing that what is the wisdom behind not including the LTE option in ¬†such a modern specification smart phone.Instead if you look at the Nexus tablet here you will also see that the tablet is equipped with the latest hardware ¬†however there are not too many applications for it which is really surprising too.John Lagerling ,Google director of business development in an interview has done a brief discussion about how Google approach to this new series of Nexus Read the rest of this entry

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