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Android devices fame is on the rise


Android has made a rapid progress right after its arrival in the smartphone industry and since then miilions of people prefers to live in the world of android.This operating system holds a large number of users all over the world to be more précised around 1.3 million Android devices are being activated on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry

Lenovo K860 ( Music Phone ), Quad-Core Smartphone With 5 inch Display:

Lenovo is new in the world of smart phones, but is now standing in the line of Quad Core mobile manufacturers like Htc One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Lg 4X HD, Huawei Quad D etc., yes, Lenovo has announced its First ever Quad core smart phone “Lenovo ( Music Phone ) K860, with huge 5 inch display, so what else you want….. and what this giant is equipped with let’s have a brief look … Read the rest of this entry

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