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Samsung unveils windows 8 powered machines

Samsung the first one to reveal windows 8 powered ultrabook and tablet is very confident that this move pay off ver well and they will surely expand their market.Most likely other technology giant will follow samsung by pushing their windows 8 hybrid machines in the market.

samsung windows 8 book Read the rest of this entry

Alcatel is nearer to launch windows phone 7.8

Chinese company TCL Communication Technologies introduces the Alcatel brand which is famous for its reasonable price products. They continue the good work they are famous for and news is coming that they are very near to launch windows phone 7.8 powered smart phone. Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft will launch nokia lumia mobiles and surface tablet in 29 & 26 october

nokia update

News alert for the fans of Microsoft who are anxiously waiting for the updates.They will be excited to know that Microsoft is going to launch windows phone 8 operated mobiles.Microsoft has sent  invitations for the ceremony which is expected to be held on 29 october of this month in Sanfrancisco. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung rejects 1 billion dollar verdict demands new Apple trial

apple samsung ruling

Samsung has lost patent case against Apple and has to pay amount of 1 billion dollar .This case has taken a new direction as Samsung claim that the foreman of Jury Velvin Hogan who gave verdict in favor of Apple is totally influenced by his personal grudge.Samsung raising the point that Velvin Hogan is a person from whom you can only expect a biased decison and his past is also proving the fact.

Actually the story behind is that Velvin Hogan was sued in 1993 for breach of contract by Seagate a company in which Samsung is a major investor.Samsung said in its filing

Mr. Hogan’s failure to disclose the Seagate suit raises issues of bias that Samsung should have been allowed to explore in questioning

Hogan didn’t answer truthfully during voir dire

One another point to consider is that the attorney who sued Hogan on Seagate’s behalf is married to a partner of the law firm(Quinn Emanuel) that represented Samsung in the case .

Velvin Hogan in his defense came up with the statement

Had I been asked an open-ended question with no time constraint, of course I would’ve disclosed that

I’m willing to go in front of the judge to tell her that I had no intention of being on this jury, let alone withholding anything that would’ve allowed me to be excused

If you want to know my opinion it looks to me that nothing will come out from this patent case as it has tangled so badly and the whole scenario distorted greatly.

13 Megapixel Camera For Galaxy S4: Samsung’s 13 Megapixel Camera Module (S5K3L2) Spotted:

samsung 13 megapixel camera phone

Sony and LG have already announced and released 13 Megapixel Sony Xperia series smart phones and LG’s Optimus G, now Samsung wants to be in 13 megapixel camera phones line up and they are working on it and will come up with Galaxy S4.

LG MOBILESsony xperia

In product catalog of it is told that Samsung is developing its 13 Megapixel Camera module model S5K3L2. with Cmos image Sensor

13 Megapixel Camera module model S5K3L2.

Some of the sources also told that this module was to be made for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note2 but then Samsung decided to load this 13 Megapixel camera module with Cmos sensor in their Samsung Galaxy S4 which is expected to be announced in next MWC2012.

samsung camera

We hope this camera module to have great picture capturing quality… as Samsung is pretty good in it… Note that Samsung also has a 12 Megapixel phone Samsung Pixon 12 (M8910) which was released in August 2009, and has better camera quality than Nokia’s N8 and Sony Ericsson Satio.

Do share your views about any of the 13 Megapixel Phone with us …


Those who have not Updated Their Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 to Windows 7.5, DO IT:

windows 7.5 update

Those who have not updated their Nokia Lumia 710 And Lumia 800 to windows 7.5 DO IT before the release of windows 7.8, and enjoy which you haven’t

Windows 7.5 was much awaited update for Nokia Windows 7 Phone users. This Nokia Lumia update is packed with many new features with one year of free music subscription to Nokia Music.

Nokia lumia 800

Other exciting apps/features in this update are:

Extra features for camera, with improved picture quality and also click memorable pictures in any conditions, group shots, fast moving action, panoramas, or even yourself.

Now your device can be a Wi-Fi Hotspot which will be usable by five other devices.

Contact sharing application for your device, now you can share contacts via SMS.

Know your data usage, calls and messages detailed history with data counters.

Now you can ignore any call by just flipping your phone.


So, what are you waiting for get your phone updated and install all new available apps for Windows 7.5 … And do share your experience with us


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