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Magical glasses to turn pages by using your eyes

magical glasses

Today we are living in the world full of stresses and we all find ways to relax our self. Majority of people prefer riding in car compare to two wheelers regardless of the fact that they both can drop ourself to the destiny.But this article is about the invention which will really excite students who really think out of the world wishes after getting so much stressed out from studies.:) Read the rest of this entry

Apple introduced more powerful charger for ipad

12 watt charger for ipad

Good to see Apple has finally figured out the solution of ipad’s charging problem.There was so much points raise on the slow charging of ipads and the users find it difficult to cope with this issue as they have to wait so long for their ipads to charge and then the more teasing thing is the battery consume at a faster rate than their desire. Read the rest of this entry

boxee tv provide unlimited cloud recording:a competitor for apple tv

boxee tv unlimited movie

As boxee claims that the box they provide is a box which actually your tv needs.They are very true in their claim as you take a deep at its capabilities then you will find it a small component with big abilities.Let’s start exploring boxee tv. Boxee is a  device that finds out your favourite movies,channels,shows from the internet and puts them on your tv screen free of charge. Read the rest of this entry

Smallest camera for life blogging:memoto camera

memoto camera

Smallest wearable camera in a good price is what you can only wish for but now its like dream comes true. Memoto camera is here to provide you the best service .Memoto camera is different from other cameras as it allow you to capture your life in the most efficient manner.In every 30 second it captures the image really cool na :-). Read the rest of this entry

MK802 iii mini pc stick with android jelly bean

mk802iii mini pc

The trend of android pc on a stick has got a huge appreciation and that’s why lots of work has been doing for the development in this field. MK802 lll Android PC stick is just another output of all these efforts. With the faster processor and the latest operating system of Android this mini pc surely has the potential to set ice breaking records. Read the rest of this entry

MIT engineered jacket will hug you after every facebook like

mit jacket

MIT university who is famous for its innovativeness and whose students are ranked number one in the world has invented Like-a-hug jacket.The idea behind inventing this jacket is to bring more emotions for the users of Facebook. Read the rest of this entry

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