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Microsoft surface rt vs iPad 4:comparison

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Microsoft RT tablet which gets so much attention even before its launching and it is more likely to happen that even after the release this durable tablet will rise to the expectation and can grow its market.Ipad4 on the other side is one the tough competitors for Microsoft RT tablet as Apple has done a good home work to promote its fourth generation tablet.One of the attractive thing is that there is no such price difference between ipad3 and ipad  even though ipad 4 has lot more things to offer. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung unveils windows 8 powered machines

Samsung the first one to reveal windows 8 powered ultrabook and tablet is very confident that this move pay off ver well and they will surely expand their market.Most likely other technology giant will follow samsung by pushing their windows 8 hybrid machines in the market.

samsung windows 8 book Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft is willing to do changes in Windows phone 7.8 on people’s demand


Microsoft has now decided to cut down the communication  barriers and fully involve people trying to find out what they would like to see in the coming windows phone 7.8. In a post entitled “MORE WINDOWS PHONE 7.8 FEATURES!!” (viaWMPowerUser) i have read a representative named Mobile Guru has engaged people by saying that their point of views will determine with what Microsoft should come up with.The thread welcomes who want to share their views or those who want to vote for the better ideas or suggestions. Read the rest of this entry



No matter how much we’d like it to happen, Microsoft probably isn’t going to launch Surface starting a mere $199, as has been rumored this week. Not only would such an aggressive pricing strategy further piss off Microsoft’s hardware partners, it would also require selling the device at a significant loss. So, how much will Surface cost? Nobody knows for sure Read the rest of this entry


From long time it has been around in different circles that there is something going on between these two giants. Their associations started to get worse when the Google with its android system started to dent Apple’s demand in the smartphone market

It has just been just revealed that Apple has also dropped Google’s YouTube app from the new system – which has been key part of the home screen experience since the first iPhone launched in 2007. An Apple spokesman said: “Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.”YouTube fans will now need to download the app like they would for every other service they want access to on their phone. The de facto YouTube app will remain on the current Apple operating system, iOS 5.Below is the image showing the home screen of the I phone


A YouTube spokesman said: “We are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users.”

Speculation has been mounting among technology pundits and analysts about what is the reasoning behind the change of strategy .There is a strong consensus among the analysis that the move is the move is a sign of YouTube wanting to take control of its own mobile destiny and have total control of developing all of its apps.

Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 6, will no longer include a YouTube app as a default part of the experience, in a major step which signifies another snub to Google. The YouTube app has been part of the iPhone experience since the first one went on sale in 2007.Earlier this year at WWDC, Apple’s annual developers’ conference, it was announced that the technology giant would be dropping Google Maps from the new version of its hugely popular iOS mobile operating system – and would be creating its own maps app instead. In June 2012, Apple announced the details of its new maps app, which will replace Google Maps, and form part of the free software update for iPhone and iPad owners and also include details 3D models of major cities.



A new war has been just begun in the world of cellphones, the war of titans, the huge powerful beasts, ‘The quad cores’. The stage has been set for them. What we want here is that these beasts become more powerful and the same time maintain standard of reliability and performance. Are these quad cores going to keep their promise in all of departments? Here is a brief review on different quad core processors which are being used and will be used in the near future. Read the rest of this entry

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