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Google prefers to be called mobile first company

google is mobile company

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine.Google is popular in almost every corner of the world and the thing which differentiates Google from other search engine is their own made standards and level of perfection in work.But with out mentioning the Google’s work it do for revolutionize technology it’s ¬†introduction will be incomplete.Yeah i am talking about Google’s magical operating system which with its entrance abolished the dominance of iOS in technology world.And now it seems like Google is interested in making their name in technology gadgets world.Google wants to be dominant over all the ¬†rivals just like the supremacy Google has in search engine field.Even one of the Google executive has clearly said that the Android company is now seeing itself primarily as a mobile company. Read the rest of this entry


There are strong speculations roaming around that Google is silently helping Samsung in its conflict with Apple and is trying to negotiate and solve out the matter outside the court. From the information getting through reuters it is strongly appearing that Google is  standing beside Samsung in this difficult time when Apple has really hold a strong grip on the patent war against Samsung. Read the rest of this entry

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