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Meizu MX2 unveiling on 13 november with quad core processor and 64 GB of storage:Another chinese smart phone

meizu mx2 mobile

Chinese manufacturers are growing their market so much rapidly that we are seeing now Chinese products even in those parts of world where there was at one time  complete dominance of western products.But the time has changed and now the public interest is clearly diverting towards Chinese technology.The reason is simply a heavier spec as comparison to western products which gives you only heavy price to pay for their product.The best thing about Chinese mobile sets is that they are fully updated in the sense of equipping with latest technology.The remarkable achievements of Chinese products are the very fast sale of xioami mobiles,the really heavy specification of oppo which was a big surprise for all the specialist in the technology arena and consistency of Huawei in its unveiling of very high standard products one after another.Now I am very glad to announce that there is one very new but great addition in the list of good smart phones from chinese manufacturers which is MEIZU MX2 Read the rest of this entry

Samsung Google Nexus 10 vs Updated Sony Xperia Tablet S 3g:comparison

nexus 10 vs xperia tablet s

Google Nexus 10 is the tablet brought by Google Samsung partnership and looks a real promising one to compete with the best in the business like iPad4,Xperia Tablet S.Xperia Tablet S reputation is hugely effected by the problem of having gaps between the display and chassis but now it is re-manufactured and Sony is claiming that no further such issues will occur as they have worked out and fixed the problem. Xperia Tablet S will hit the shelves in the middle of November. Read the rest of this entry

Google Nexus10 vs iPad4:Comparison

nexus 10 vs ipad 4

You can count easily apple Google rivalry in one of the things which can never come to an end.They never seem to stop from coming out with new and different products. The level of competition is so much high between apple and Google that both have millions of die heart fans over the globe .The new development is the introduction of Nexus 10 also known as Samsung Galaxy Nexus 10 from Google about which Analyst raising the point that Google has unveiled this product against the ipad4 of Apple .Both are hugely popular tablets. Read the rest of this entry

Google Nexus 10 Pictures and Specs: A Confirm Leak:

google nexus

Though it’s not 29th of October but Google Nexus 10 is uncovered with its pictures and specifications. Google Nexus 10 is expected to be released officially on 29th of this month, but Briefmobile got it out before the day. Read the rest of this entry

Lenovo k860 (MUSIC phone) For around 2188 YUAN ( that is 344$) In CHINA,Only 2000 Units On First day:


Lenovo announced K860 music phone world’s first 5 inch Quad Core smart phone just about a week ago and today they have disclosed its tag prize, that’s only 2188 Yuan which is equivalent to 344 USD. And from today it will be officially available. Lenovo will release 2000 units in its first batch on first day.

Let’s have a look on Lenovo K860’s major specifications do they justify this price tag of 2188 Yuan (344 $): Read the rest of this entry





Before android hit the market no body had thought that Samsung and HTC would ever get good positions in mobile phone world . But now they are two top competitors. they both have released a number of android running low end to high end mobile phones. Samsung’s  galaxy series like well known galaxy s, galaxy ace, galaxy y, and HTC’s wildfire series  and  desire series are some of them.this time again they both are in the ring with their best quad core players, Samsung with GALAXY S3 and Htc with ONE X, who is going to win lets have a look.   Read the rest of this entry

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