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Apple introduced more powerful charger for ipad

12 watt charger for ipad

Good to see Apple has finally figured out the solution of ipad’s charging problem.There was so much points raise on the slow charging of ipads and the users find it difficult to cope with this issue as they have to wait so long for their ipads to charge and then the more teasing thing is the battery consume at a faster rate than their desire. Read the rest of this entry

iOS 6 Started to Release All Over The world As it was Promised: Release Timings and ipsw Files Download link:


On the release of iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPod Nano, Apple announced that there is going to be an update “ iOS 6 ” release on 19 September, and here it is. Lets have a look at this update.

[Note]: iOS 6 ipsw download files link is also given in the post.


This iOS 6 update is for most of their devices including their recent releases iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPad 3 and third-generation iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and fourth-generation iPod touch. iOS 6 includes 200 new features which are as follow: Read the rest of this entry

Reservations on iPhone 5’s processor

iPhone 5 scandal

Every new day Apple finds it self in a more controversial,different and awkward problem as we see now serious doubts raising on the latest iPhone 5  processor.Apple told about the processor of iPhone 5 that they use A6 processor based on ARM’s dual-core Cortex-A15 chip architecture but latest report is indicating that iPhone 5 is powered by  a custom ARMv7 core. Read the rest of this entry


Samsung through advertisement and Nokia through tweet are producing a severe pressure on Apple and they are quite rightly so in doing this as I see Apple’s iPhone 5 was not up to the mark.When I start comparing iPhone5 with Galaxy slll of Samsung or Lumia 920 of Nokia then result clearly indicates that windows and android phones have an upper edge on Cupertino’s product. Read the rest of this entry

From where to buy Apple’s iPhone 5

Apple Stores – Apple has started taking pre-orders from today at 8 a.m. local time in the U.S. The iPhone 5 will be shipped on Friday, September 21.

Target – Target has also announced lately of taking pre-orders for iPhone 5. The shipping date is same for it too.

Wal-Mart – Wal-Mart is selling the device at a discount of $10 in the U.S. The shipping date remains same for it too.

Best Buy – Best Buy has begun with the pre-orders of iPhone 5 too.

Radio Shack – Radio Shack tweeted of accepting the pre-order for iPhone 5.

Sam’s Club – Members of it can pre-order iPhone 5 16GB version for in-store pickup at its U.S. warehouse stores on September 21.

The carriers Sprint, Verizon and AT&T are also taking pre-orders for iPhone 5.


iPhone 5 is a stretched out iPhone 4s with nothing new in it

iPhone 5 disappoints

At last the launching ceremony for which millions of people were waiting so anxiously has accomplished. There was so much hype created for iPhone 5 as we saw so many leaks of photos ,videos,specs, responsible’s interviews, analyst’s predictions but against the expectations Apple brought out what which was far away from the hopes of its fans all around the globe. Read the rest of this entry

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