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Huge LG ( Android 4.0 ) ICS Update for LG Optimus Black, 2x, Lucid, Lte, 3D, PRADA, vu, Nitro HD, Spectrum coming; It Will Be Much More Than Only ICS:

[UPDATE]: Android 4.0 ICS official update for Optimus 2x

[UPDATE]:Android4.0, Ice-Cream Sandwich, ICS Source Code for LG Optimus 2X released by LG Now your Optimus 2X can be customized

[UPDATE]: Verizon Wireless has confirmed ICS update for LG Lucid and LG Spectrum manuals with installation guide is available.

LG Indonesia, told the complete description/details of their huge update of ICS for Lg Optimus series and many other set, of which some were rumored not to be updated. But in details of the update release announcement  news LG Indonesia said: Read the rest of this entry

“ICS Android 4.0 Update For Optimus 2X, Black, 3D, Lte and LG PRADA 3.0 will be Released Soon”, said LG Singapore:

After waiting for a long period, and after hearing number of rumors about ICS update for LG optimus 2X, optimus Black and Optimus 3D. finally LG Singapore has announced Ice cream sandwich ( Android 4.0 ) update for Optimus 2X, Black, 3D, Lte and LG PRADA 3.0. Read the rest of this entry

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