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Android 4.2 security features: Your Google devices are much more safe now

Android the latest operating system ha got so much attention from all over the world and the questions raise inquiring about the security of Android 4.2 jelly bean.The answer is yes Android 4.2 is launching having inside it the more advanced security system embedded.I must say Google has very well anticipated the requirement of more powerful security system as the attack from numerous villainous apps like viruses, Trojans were on the increase. Read the rest of this entry


hacker fbiUnfortunately and surprisingly Apple iOS Unique Device IDs which were 40-character-long,use by developers  to test their application is now in the  hands of hackers who take help of the term ANTISEC to represent them. AntiSec has got control  of  more than 12 million  IDs includes user names, device names, telephone numbers and addresses.Experts have shown serious reservations on this issue saying that this development will give free hands to spammers ,can  infect computers on large scale   and  steal credit card details too. Read the rest of this entry

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