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Verizon to offer 4Glte version of Samsung Galaxt tab 2 10.1 shortly

verizon offer

Verizon is expecting to receive shipment from Samsung on 26 november in which it will get Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1.This Galaxy tablet is provided with a 4G LTE version along with month to month data plan only for additional $10 per month.This version of 10.1 inch tablet from Samsung is a latest amazing offer from verizon so be ready to grab one for yourself.:)



Google announced a newer version of beta build:now listen thousand of music

google updates

Google has always worked in the direction to make things most simpler for the users to get maximum advantage out.This time they have introduced a newer version of  Beta build of its Ch rome Web browser which is packed with  improved audio and visual capabilities.Video overlay features such as captions and subtitles are included this time as  track’ support for HTML 5 video playback is upgraded.

New Chrome beta has added MediaSource API that you can stream your favourite videos and watch them in variable quality depends on your connection.They also build a peer connection to bump up the  ability of Chrome apps to handle certain forms of audio in a real-time setting.

Billions of users over the globe of google will like that to what extent its a question mark but one thing is sure you will certainly experience easy handling of audio/visual content under the HTML 5.

Making anti muslim movie is not a freedom of expression

anti muslim film

After the making of such a senile,stupidest and full of extremism mindset film targeting a respectful personality for all the Muslim nations, talks has been started about how Muslim countries will react and see here is the answer as we see a same reply from majority of the Muslim countries as they protest against this foolish act with strong words packed with their love for the respectful personality.People in Pakistan ,yeoman ,Lebanon,Indonesia,Iran showed a great unity on this issue specially in Pakistan where government showed so much reluctance to take any decisive step even  stop people from making any move for the cause to register their hatred for this anti Muslim act and in the end it all worked as government of Pakistan banded Youtube.Now I just want to ask all of you one question that making such type of movie is freedom of expression or extremism? do comment please

Amazon 8.9 Inch Kindle Fire HD LTE and Kindle Fire HD announced and Will be Available for 499 $ and 299$ The Old But Upgraded Kindle Fire Will Be Available For Only 159$…


The upgraded Kindle Fire along with its bigger version New Kindle fire HD announced by Amazon they are Better and cheaper than before… both are faster and have longer battery life, as well as two Kindle Fire HD models, one with an 8.9 inch display and one with a 7-inch display. Kindle Fire HD for 299$ Kindle Fire HD LTE will be available at AT&T for 499 $ where as Upgraded Kindle fire will be available for159 $… this time they will also be available in UK markets for 129 £ and 159 £

Let’s have a look on  specifications:

Kindle Fire HD: Read the rest of this entry


Today is readers day Amazon announced kindle paper white with illuminated screen and capacitive touch.  It has a new, front-lit display that will let you read in the dark, and a capacitive touchscreen… will give nearly no stress to your eyes..

some of the other features are as follow:

  • It has 25 percent more contrast than the Pearl screens in the current Kindles
  • With 212ppi, it has a 62 percent higher resolution
  • It relies on a fiber optic like system to direct light down onto the display
  • color is much whiter.
  • It’s just 9.1mm thick
  • Battery life is said to last for eight weeks
  • No physical buttons for control, You’re entirely dependent on that touchscreen.
  • The interface has seen some tweaks too.
  • The fonts are more detailed
  • you can tweak the brightness of the display with a slider.
  • The software will calculate your reading speed
  • and estimate how long it will take you to finish a given chapter or book

it will be shipped on October 1 and its Wifi version will be available only for 119$! If you’d like a little 3G connectivity it will be available for 179 $… what’s cheaper than this  ????

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