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iPhone 5 Retina display vs Galaxy S3 OLED screen

iphone5 superior

‘We all know that behind the great success of Samsung Galaxy s3 its incredibly highly advanced Super AMOLED HD screen has played a vital role but after Apple has rolled out its iPhone 5 in the market news is hot that 326 ppi, 1136 x 640 Retina display is not only challenging galaxy s3 display technology its superiority is even accepting by the analysts that’s why the growth rate of its popularity is on the rise. Read the rest of this entry

Angry birds maker coming with new game ” BAD PIGGIES “

new angry birds

Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment has brought out a classic concept in game, about the maker I want to say one thing in this world where everyone talk about 3d games you need a smart mind to engage people in 2d games. A good news for their fans all around the world is that the makers now going to launches Bad Piggies on Thursday 27 September  and this time the fans can play the game as pigs

bad piggies Read the rest of this entry

Hottest cars display in paris motor show

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