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Make Your HD TV An Android Running Smart TV For Just 50$

Android smart tv

How amazing it is when you get such offers which convert the whole scenario for you and the devices which once wasn’t purchasable for you can then become manageable to buy. I am talking about a device which can convert your HD TV in to smart TV. Read the rest of this entry

top seven smart phones

Iphone 5


After a long wait at last iPhone 5 become available for the interested ones.You can easily call it a busy smart phone by looking at its demand. The response to this new product by Cupertino is astonishing as  20 million units of new iPhone 5 has been sold in its first weekend. Like every time their marketing strategy was up to the mark although iPhone 5 wasn’t something you can defend easily .But never the less extra ordinary sound design, fabulous camera and balanced specs has given it a high place in smart phone market. Let’s see how long it will carry out its appreciable market performance. Read the rest of this entry

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