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LG Optimus G First Commercial Video ON YouTube :

LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G debut commercial is released by LG Korea on YouTube just before their event On 19th of September, this Optimus G will be Flagship phone for the company, and LG is doing every thing to Grab interest of the people.

LG Optimus G commercial debut

LG Optimus G is shown in this video but only the front part is clear. No other Specifications are shown in this commercial. Further, people taking pictures under water are shown too so we hope this mobile to be water and dust resistant…

LG Optimus G LCD

According to many rumors going around about this LG phone,it will be having a Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 processor, this sleek phone will also be having a large 4.7 inch display, along with a 13 Megapixel Camera which might be having Cmos sensor. We expect this phone to be a power house with beautiful designs, and latest jelly bean android 4.1.1 firmware.

LG’s event is also right around the corner… Let’s wait and watch what is going to come on LG’s big day… Hope LG is not going to disappoint….

lg 19th september event

Microsoft has won the initial court orders against the domain owner embedding virus in its software

microsoft effected by virus

In this modern world equipped with so many mind blowing technologies, the field of hacking has stamped its importance in a significant manner and that is the reason why highly reputed organizations has vacant spaces for them even every country prefers to have a good team of hackers so that their key websites didn’t go into the hands of bad wishers. Read the rest of this entry

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