Introductory Videos of iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle with specifications, release dates, countries to be launched in and iPhone5 official video:

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September 12 was a big day for Apple. They announced much awaited iPhone 5 along with iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod shuffle. All of them are discussed briefly in our previous post. Now, we have posted products introductory videos along with official trailer of iPhone 5. So that you can watch and hear the makers by your selves and make decision that if this release was up to that mark what you have thought of or it’s not… Have a look and do share your views on this release

iPhone 5:

Introduction of iPhone 5
  • Glass and aluminum Body
  • dual core A6 chip
  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Thinnest phone 7.6mm (we don’t think so.)
  • 112g 20% lighter than iPhone 4s
  • 8 mega pixel camera with sapphire crystal lens cover and autofocus
  • Easier to make bigger phones, to make smaller with same specification Apples achievement.
  • Retina 326psi, 4 inch display, more apps on every screen, you can see more on this screen.
  • same width but taller to make its great in your hand, easy to send messages and browsing web.
  • same price as was for iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 4 8 GB free with usual contract.
  • 14 September preorder date
  • 21 September shipment date
  • One week later 20 more countries
  • In this year 100 countries and 240 carriers
  • ios 6 on September 19 on different Apple devices.
iPhone 5 Trailer By Apple

iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle:

Introduction Of iPods- Part-1

iPod Nano:

  • 350 millions iPod sold
  • Nano 7th generation
  • reinvented
  • large display easily navigate, control
  • thin
  • high quality light weight
  • lightening connector
  • best Nano ever created
  • ultra portable
  • ultra thin only 5mm thin
  • thinnest iPod
  • easily controllable
  • biggest display 2.5 inches, multi-touch
  • redesigned home screen
  • collection of seven different colors
  • FM tuner live pause
  • photo viewer
  • pinch photos
  • video playing
  • Bluetooth for the first time
  • small connector
  • 30 hrs. of music play back
Introduction of iPods-part-2

NOTE: start from 4:14 iPod Touch

  • worlds most popular music player 175000 app and games
  • 5th generation
  • 6mm thin
  • thinnest I pod touch
  • lightest iPod touch
  • perfect for pocket
  • high quality aluminum
  • camera
  • same display as in iPhone 5
  • better game experience
  • faster
  • A5 chip Dual-core processing
  • Real time motion calculations clumsy ninja game
  • 40 hrs. of the music play back
  • 8hrs video play back
  • camera I sight 5mp f/2.4 aperture, sapphire crystal lens cover and autofocus
  • iPod touch loop
  • 1080 p video recording
  • Wi-Fi
  • iOS6
  • 200 new features
  • 5 different colors

iPod Shuffle:

  • Will be available in different new colors, with no new advancement in specifications or software.

Ear Pods :

  • 3years in designing new ear speakers
  • never seen before
  • shipped as standalone accessories.
  • available with iPod Touch iPod Nano and iPhone 5.

For brief review and price of iPhone5, iPod Touch, iPod Nano,and iPod Shuffle click “brief review and price” videos courtesy: AllNewsUpdates

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